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Taste of Virginia

Taste of Virginia

Taste of Virginia

Want to hop in a time machine to 2019? We sure do! Join us for a virtual tasting on Saturday, May 2nd at 5 pm with winemakers Maya Hood White (Early Mountain), Rachel Stinson Vrooman, and Kirsty Herman (Blenheim Vineyards) to relive the joys of growing wine in 2019. Taste along with a quartet of fruit-driven, fresh, just-released bottlings and journey through the vineyard year. 

World-renowned viticulturist Lucie Morton will join in to share her perspectives on the vineyards and the unique grape varieties we’ll be tasting.

Pop any 2019 vintage wine, your preferred beverage, or taste along with our "Time Machine to 2019 Quartet".

Featured wines:

2019 Early Mountain Pétillant-Natural Blanc $32

2019 Blenheim Vineyards Rkatsiteli $24

2019 Stinson Vineyards Rosé of Mourvedre $25

2019 Early Mountain Soif (chillable red blend) $26

We've discounted the quartet and included free shipping so no additional discounts are possible. To ensure you receive the wines in time to taste along, please order online by Tuesday, April 28th or pick up at the winery anytime before Sat. May 2nd. 

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