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Young Wine Duo

Young Wine Duo

Young Wine Duo

2022 Young Wine Red

Vibrant and fresh, this chambourcin blend captivates with its fuchsia hue and youthful aromas of tart grapefruit and apricot. Unfiltered and unique, showcasing ripe orange vidal and playful co-ferments, culminating in a delightful, chillable red brimming with freshness.

2022 Young Wine White

This Vidal Blanc, citrusy and bright, balances texture and volume with crisp acidity. It presents savory, and stony flavors alongside young stone fruit, offering a dynamic and unfiltered expression.

“Crushable” is how I would describe Early Mountain’s Young Wine. By that I mean it’s fun and not too heavy either on the palate or on the brain power it takes to enjoy it. “ Matthew Kaner, Men’s Journal

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